Technical Day in NCBJ

Just after the conference, Technical Day in National Centre for Nuclear Research in Świerk will be possible (May 19th, 2017). If you wish to visit our Research Reactor MARIA , NCBJ Education & Training Centre and CIŚ Computing Centre you are welcomed to register for this activity during registration.

Trip will take around 6 hours (8AM-2.30PM) and buses from Conference hotel, coffee break and lunch will be provided.

  • MARIA research reactor will  include control room, reactor pool within the containment and the reactor spent fuel pool with high activity fuel assemblies (please pay attention that entrance to reactor hall depends on operational schedule of the reactor, more details will be provided on January 2017) -1.5 h.
  • NCBJ Education & Training Division- 1h
  • CIŚ Computing Centre including server room and cooling system- 1h.
  • Lunch and trip- 2.5h.

Number of places is limited up to 60 persons and price is 65€ for Non-Speakers and 45€ for Speakers.